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girls + data hosted its pilot event in May 2017 in Milwaukee, WI, by its founder Kira Wetzel after she participated in a local meet-up and mentoring opportunity in 2016. Young women in elementary, intermediate, and high school attended this event to ask questions to a wide panel of women IT professionals.


As the only data analytics professional in the room she had quite the audience trying to understand what she did. After talking to about ten girls and one parent, Kira left the event having answered several questions about one serious misconception about working in technology: a career in tech means a career in software engineering. 


From 2017-2019, girls + data has hosted 17 events, across 12 cities that have taught over 450 middle school aged girls.


Nearly 80% of these students have said they would return to a second girls + data event on different topics?

83% of the students report an increased interest in learning more about careers in data after attending a girls + data event?

Our goal is to teach 1,000 students by the end of 2020 and offer the ability to re-engage with those 80%, but we can only do this with the help of others that share our passion in their local communities -- that’s where you come in.

What is a girls + data chapter?

A girls + data chapter is a team of people that are authorized by girls + data. to plan and host events in their local community. 


They have made at least a one year volunteer commitment to autonomously plan, operate, and host our Data Camps, but with resources, knowledge, and rigor that we have worked to refine over the last two years.


While girls + data headquarters will not be physically present at the event, we will provide the materials, training, and curriculum that we have used to date, for use by our authorized chapters.

Starting a Chapter - Process




Gather your Chapter Leads and apply! Each Chapter Lead must complete their own Chapter Lead Application to meet the requirement.


We will consider your Chapter Request Packet complete when we have three leads requesting a chapter in your local area. We consider local to be within ~1 hour commute of each other.


Sit back and relax! We will contact you with next steps. We plan to host info sessions, review applications, and make selections by early March.


Please note: Prospective leads will be required to attend an informational session in January 2020 prior to being selected.


If you’ve been selected we will set up a Chapter Training that all three leads will need to attend. During this time we will review materials, curriculum, and have Q&A.


Start planning!


While you’re waiting, you may want to start poking around at potential venues, meet-ups, and sponsors that can help support your chapter! If your Chapter Request Packet is selected we will provide additional resources and ideas for you.

Chapter Selection/Approval Criteria

How do we choose our chapters?

There are several factors that go into our selection. The primary considerations are:


It’s a good idea to be balanced and have a well rounded team. We’ll have a strong preference for a diverse group of people and skills (training, technical, etc.) and careers with some overlap.

The more community members you have that want to support your chapter, the better. We only require three, but you’re welcome to have more!

One of you will have to teach. We’ll provide the lesson plans, but you’ll have to teach it!


This is important because we want our chapters to have the audience for these events. You’ll want to have a large reach when marketing your events (sharing with schools, community partners) and the larger your community is, the more likely it is you’ll fill your events!

We are currently welcoming chapter applications for the communities in the United States.


If you already have sponsors, that can make operating a lot easier. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) and while we do have some resources, each chapter will still have fundraising goals to help support the operations of their chapter.

Location, location, location! If you have a venue or venue(s) that are willing to host your events, this will make it easier for you to plan your first event.


We want to know why you are passionate about furthering the mission of girls + data. We’ve shown great results so far and are committed to growing with people who can help us maintain and improve.

Chapter Requirements for 2020


Three (3) leads committed to volunteering to plan and hosting two (2) events in 2020 in their local community. Each event will consist of two ½ day data camps for a total of 4 workshops with up to 15 students each workshop (60 students annually).

Completed Chapter Request Packet (All three leads must complete their own Chapter Lead Application for your packet to be considered complete)

Ability for all leads to pass background checks completed by girls + data within 14 days of selection

Agreement to adhere to girls + data operating policies and procedures

Willingness to teach the girls + data curriculum as it is designed

Agreement to provide post-program survey results for each event

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