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  • What is a girls + data chapter?
    A girls + data chapter is a group of at least 3 individuals that are committed to planning and hosting events in their local community at which they can teach the girls + data curriculum to middle school girls. Each chapter will be able to operate autonomously within the brand of girls + data, while leveraging guidance and resources that has led us to be as successful as we have so far.
  • What is required to start a chapter?
    In order to apply to be considered for a girls + data chapter we ask for 3 adults (“Chapter Leads”) be willing to commit to plan and host events in their community for 2020. A Chapter Request Packet will consist of one Chapter Lead Application per person. All three adults must complete their own Chapter Lead Application for a Chapter Request Packet to be considered complete.
  • Where are you opening chapters?
    This is important because we want our chapters to have the audience for these events. You’ll want to have a large reach when marketing your events (sharing with schools, community partners) and the larger your community is, the more likely it is you’ll fill your events! We are currently welcoming chapter applications for the communities in the United States.
  • What kind of commitment is a girls + data chapter?
    If your chapter application is selected and your team of 3 Chapter Leads accepts the opportunity, your Chapter will be allowed to plan, host and fundraise for two girls + data events in 2020 and up to 60 students for the year. Each event will consist of two ½ day workshops with up to 15 students per workshop. girls + data will provide resources and materials for planning, hosting, and teaching data camps as well as for reaching fundraising goals.
  • What if I don’t have a lot of teaching experience?
    Our curriculum team will provide you with the lesson plans and materials to be able to teach the girls + data curriculum as it’s intended to be delivered. They will be available for questions and will conduct a curriculum training prior to your first event.
  • I identify as a man, can I still start a chapter?"
    It’s a good idea to be balanced and have a well rounded team. We’ll have a strong preference for a diverse group of people and skills (training, technical, etc.) and careers with some overlap. While we don't require Chapter Leads to be specific genders, it is important to consider having a diverse group of volunteers to represent your chapter.
  • What resources does girls + data have to help me start a chapter?
    We will provide you with ideas for venues, sponsors, marketing the event as well as templates for fundraising, project/event planning, event management, and more. Once an event is planned and a venue is secured, we will provide you with swag, snacks, prizes, marketing, and curriculum. Chapters will also be provided with a step-by-step lesson plan and the opportunity to participate in a curriculum training.
  • What do I have to fundraise? What if I don’t think I can fundraise?
    We ask that each chapter help fundraise to support their chapter expenses. It sounds intimidating, but we promise people are more giving than you think! We will provide you with ideas on who to ask and how, as well as pre-made informational packets that we have successfully used to raise almost $85k in 2.5 years.
  • What if I need more help?
    girls + data has a growing team of volunteers that are here to help you via email, your chapter portal, or Slack. All you have to do is reach out! We want our chapters to be successful because it is only when our Chapters are successful that we can teach more girls about careers in data science and data analytics, providing them with options in tech careers outside of software engineering. Email for questions about chapters and we will return your email within 3-5 business days.
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