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letter from the founder

As the founder and former Executive Director, I have been extremely proud of the accomplishments and dedication of the whole girls + data team, past and present. The COVID-19 crisis that took over the world for the past couple years introduced a lot of new challenges that require additional support to solve for. With these needs the Board of Directors has voted to suspend girls+data's current operations and re-evaluate how the organization delivers impact in the future. While the decision is difficult and disappointing, it is necessary to ensure that the organization is able to continue to provide long term impact through learning opportunities in the future.

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Kira Wetzel
- founder of of girls + data

“Starting and building girls+data has provided me with rewarding work, a strong network, and great learning opportunities. I've been continuously inspired by many of the young women, volunteers, and companies that I've met over the last few years. I take pride in how girls+data has started and I feel strongly about not allowing comfort and emotion prevent us from creating long-term change. I see the potential of what our current set of resources can be leveraged for in the future, and I believe that it's time for the Board to take girls+data to the next level.”
- Kira Wetzel, Founder


In the next several months we will be connecting throughout the non-profit STEM education community to determine ways to create a diverse impact that continues to align with our mission.


If you're interested in joining the evolution of girls+data, please reach out to Ellen Eichman or Kira Wetzel:

Kira Wetzel

- Founder & Board of Directors

  • Kira Wetzel - LinkedIn

Ellen Eichman

- Board of Directors


  • Ellen Eichman - LinkedIn
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