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girls + data is a team of technologists who are passionate about providing unique learning opportunities around data.

Our first priority is always a safe, healthy learning environment whether that is in person or virtual. We are aware of and understand the news surrounding Zoom and have carefully evaluated Zoom as being safe and secure for the needs of girls + data.


  1. Video and screen sharing will be automatically disabled for our participants. Only girls + data staff and the four panelists will have this feature enabled

  2. Private chat will be automatically disabled. If you have questions or need to contact us during the webinar, please use

  3. Q&A feature will be enabled with dedicated girls + data staff reviewing all questions

  4. Password protected webinar with a random password set by girls + data, not Zoom

  5. Host (girls + data staff) joins first will be enabled

  6. girls + data staff will force everyone to disconnect at the end of the webinar and rejoining after we end the meeting will not be allowed

  7. Our policy is to only ask Parents/Legal Guardians for information when needed to perform girls + data business. Any information requested should be entered by the legal Parent/Guardian

  8. Verification of registered email addresses and email addresses used to join Webinar. Only registered attendees will be permitted to join

Please note: while parents typically drop students off at our in person events,
joining our webinar is a 
commitment by all Parents/Legal Guardians to be present for the entire duration of the webinar due to our inability to supervise from afar.

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