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Each of our volunteer roles support the girls + data mission to improve data literacy among middle school girls and expose our students to careers in data analytics. Whether you are interested in directly teaching or interacting with our students or would like a more behind the scenes role in fundraising, partnerships, or operations, every volunteer at girls + data plays a part in making sure that our events and programs are a success. Through volunteering, you will not only inspire our students to think about how data impacts them on a day to day basis, but you will also collaborate with other volunteers that currently work with data in their day jobs and build new skills.

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Women are needed in data analytics in a variety of roles that require the type of computational thinking we teach regardless of whether they use programming in their primary roles.

volunteer testimonials

girls + data relies on and appreciates their all volunteer team. Our volunteers come from different backgrounds, but are brought together by their commitment to our mission.

Xiaotin Liao explains why she chose to volunteer at girls + data and the importance of the support she has received to become successful in her career.
Listen to one of our volunteers, Paula Johnson, at ThoughSpot, talk about her most rewarding moments!


Volunteer in a rewarding, casual, autonomous environment while collaborating with other passionate data professionals 


Be a part of providing middle school girls across the country with hands-on STEM/STEAM learning opportunities in data analytics


Solve business and technical challenges that will help us reach more girls who haven't heard of girls + data before and engage and inspire our current students

support spotlight

"Being in the data/analytic field,   I appreciate all the amazing and important work of a volunteer group like yourselves.  I have a daughter, now in HS, and I have kept up encouraging and nurturing her to have data interests and skills.  She attended her first event with girls+data when she was in 6th grade. She’s now taking the first data science class offered at her school!  The world needs more nurturers and role models, like girls+data, for our new generation of females with data skills.  Thank you for all you do!"

Parent of girls + data student

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