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Meet Our Team




about our founder

Kira is the founder of girls + data, inc., and a technology leader at Meta where she is building and leading an organization of data engineers. Prior to working at Meta, Kira worked at Apple and Kohl's as a Technical Analyst and a Product Manager, and digging further back into the archives, Kira previously taught high school math. 


After completing her Masters of Science at Purdue University and entering the field of data and analytics, Kira's understanding of data and information in the world completely changed. She realized  you didn't need to be a "coder" to be in the technology field.  Several years into this new career, girls + data was born!

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Kira Wetzel
- founder of of girls + data
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dedicated volunteer team

The girls + data team is 100% volunteer, and many of us work hands-on with data in our day-jobs. We volunteer our time with girls + data because this is an organization that we wish had existed when we were in middle school, and we are eager for our daughters to participate in girls + data programs. Many of our current volunteers are career-changers; we studied a different subject in college or started our careers in a different industry before finding data and analytics. We are excited to be able to expose our students to data topics and jobs so that they can discover their passion for working with data too!


interested in joining our team?

Contact us today to see how you can join us in shaping the careers of future women data analysts!

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